1)  a broad, deep undulation of the ocean caused by a distant gale or seismic disturbance 

2) a buildup of opinion or feeling in a large section of the population.


We work with investors looking to generate strong financial returns, by investing in high-growth, high-impact companies


Groundswell invests in companies whose business model is based upon adding value to, and solving problems in, environmental and social arenas. We target companies with $1mm+ of revenue, strong growth and proven traction. We invest in seed stage, Series A & B. 


Groundswell Ventures mobilizes capital through two avenues: a traditional venture fund, and a coinvestor fund. Coinvestors let us do the challenging work of finding and analyzing exceptional opportunities; and then each investor decides whether to invest or not.

Investors will rest easy, knowing their capital is working hard to generate financial returns and make the world a better place. 


Groundswell’s Founder



Jeremy transitioned to impact investing after a decade working with the United Nations in developing countries. Although his work contributed to making a big difference in many people’s lives, Jeremy recognized the power of the business sector to address the same problems governmental and development actors have struggled with for decades.

Jeremy decided he could be more impactful himself, by designing a business that catalyzes investment in innovative companies that address deep-seated social and environmental problems. In this manner, Jeremy hopes to be more impactful himself; and to help other investors do the same.